Department of Postgraduate
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Department of Postgraduate is mainly in charge of the education of postgraduates and discipline management, composed of general office and discipline management office, offering service in the fields of enrollment of postgraduates, education, degree confering, employment guidance, moral guidance and discipline management.

In October 2011 Xi’an Medical University was approved of recruiting clinical medicine postgraduates by Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council as one of the units to meet the urgent needs of highly needed talents natianlly. From the year 2012 XMU began to offer full-time Clincal Medicine Postgraduate education. In the year of 2017 XMU will start Postgraduate education for the 16 disciplines and 23 research orientations all affiliated to the discinpine of Clinical Medicine. In the year of 2016 XMU offers in-service postgraduate education for medical professionals.Currently postgraduate education is assisted by such 16 clinically featured hospitals as the 1st and the 2nd Affilated Hospital of XMU, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital, Xi’an Red Cross HospitalXi’an Children’s HospitalShaanxi Tumor Hospital, Northwest Women and Children’s Hospital and Xi’an Gaoxin Hospital. In total, there is a tutorial team of more than 200 supervisors. The postgraduate education of XMU is characterized by tutorial system, the combination of postgraduate education and standardized cultivation of hospital doctors, school-based and hospital-based co-education and emphasis on courses’ being practical.

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