Department of Teaching Affairs Administration
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  (Research Institute of Higher Education)

  The Department ofTeaching Affairs Administrationis in charge of administrative affairs in teaching to provide educational planning, arrangements, advices, services and assistance, and teaching quality control in the three-year and four-year programs for undergraduates under the leadership of the universitypresident.

  Specifically, the department is currently taking responsibilities for training programs design, teaching management, examination and student performance record management, development of disciplines and courses, establishment of educational training bases, teaching material management, teaching quality control, teaching reform projects management, students’ registration management, verification of student qualification for graduation, and academic conferring work, etc.

  The Research Institute of Higher Education is mainly responsible for making rules and regulations for managing research projects of higher education. According to the university’s plan, the institute aims to do researches on problems in teaching reforms and development of higher education and offer advices.

  The department consists of 6 sections and offices, including the administration office, the office of examination andstudents’ registration management, the office of practical teaching management, the office of teaching material management, the office of evaluation and development, and the office of teaching quality control.

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