Zhang Yuelin
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  Zhang Yuelin

  Vice- President of Xi'an Medical University

  Male, born in Jia County, Shaanxi Province, October 1968, member of the Communist Party of China, Doctor of Medicine, Professor, the first-level Chief Physician. He was selected to New Century Talents Project and has been awarded titles of  National Expert with Remarkable Contributions, Outstanding Experts of Shaanxi Province, Candidate of ShaanxiP rovincia l“Three-Five Talent Program”, and Top Talent in Key Areas Of Shaanxi Province. He enjoys Government Special Allowance and “San Qin” Talent Allowance.

  Graduated from Xi’an Medical University in June 1992, He successively held the posts of  Director of Medical Affairs Department, Member of the Party committee and Assistant President of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital. Since June 2016, he serves as the member of  Party Committee and Vice President of Xi’an Medical University.

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