Sha Dezhong
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Sha Dezhong

Member of the Party committee, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and supervisor of Shaanxi Provincial Supervision Committeeat Xi'an Medical University

Male, ethnic Hui, born in Cao County, Shandong Province, March of 1972, member of the Communist Party of China, Bachelor of Military Science.

He joined the army in November of 1987, has successively served as soldier, cadets, platoon leaders, chief of unit, battalion commander and deputy chief of staff (vice regiment), Deputy department level discipline inspection supervisor of discipline inspection and supervision group of Department of Commerce of Shaanxi Province, director of service management department for retired personnel of Discipline Inspection Commission of Shaanxi Province, deputy director of Organization Department (department level), deputy director of Party style and political style supervision office of Discipline Inspection Commission of Shaanxi Province (department level).

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