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The Department of English consists of 1 English language laboratory and 4 teaching and research entities, namely, 2 College English Courses Teaching and Research Sections, English Major Teaching and Research Section, Medical English Courses Teaching and Research Section. There are 48 teachers (13 associate professors)43 of whom have master degrees, 1doctoral candidate.The department takes the tasks of offering basicEnglish major courses and medical English courses for English major students, College English courses for non-English major undergraduates and medical-purposed English courses for master candidates.

Guided by the aim of “talents training, teachers developing”, the English departmentfollows the concept of “promote teaching by reform, research and activity”toimprovethequality ofeducation.In recent years, the department wonover 13 prizes in teaching competitions at the national and provincial level, conducted 25 research projects at the national, provincial, municipal and school level, published 429 articles inacademic journals, 42 incore periodicals, compiled 21textbooks, strove to develop 2 shared courses and 2 importantdisciplines at the school level.

The establishment ofEnglish major courses focuses on combining study of basic medicine with development ofEnglish competences for highlighting characteristics ofthe major by selecting teachers with doctoral degrees to teach basic medical courses inEnglish and Chinese, hires international teachers so as to integrate students with the atmosphere of English language and culture, organizes societies such as iTalk to improve students practical skills. With different competitions held every year, namely, National English Competition for College Students, English Speech Contest, Dubbing Competition for Original Movies, students are motivated greatly to learn English. Many of them won great awards by their excellent performances in numerous competitions. TheEnglish department saw an increasing rate in TEM4 for English major students and in CET4 for those non-English major undergraduates.

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