Department of Basic Medical Science
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The Department of Basic Medical Sciencecurrently has 108 faculty members with 58% having senior academic titles, specifically, 14 professors and50 associate professors. Among the faculty, 38 holdPhDs and 76 haveMaster’s Degree,accounting for 69%. There are now 10 teaching and research sections,providing over 30basic medical courses for undergraduates and continuing education, including the courses of anatomy, histoembryology, physiology, pathology, pharmacologyand toxicology,pathogenic biology,immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology, etc.

Additionally, attached to the department are the research institute of basic medical sciencesand4 educational centers respectively for anatomical experiment, medical morphological experiment, medical functional experiment and biochemical and molecular biological experiment, with the floor space of 19,000 square meters.The education centers are undertaking many kinds of scientific projects with funding from a variety of sources and provide students with favorably good environment and facilities for all kinds of experiments in basic medical sciences to help develop their capacity both in practice and research.

The department has been granted 131 scientific projects involving 12 from National Natural Science Foundation, 46 from provincial government or foundations and 73 from scientific research funds of Xian Medical University, witha totalresearch fundingof more than 12,000,000 RMB. There are 29published textbooks authored by the faculty, among which 2 textbooks,Pharmacology andMedical Cell Biology & Genetics,were awarded asecond prize for excellent teaching materials inShaanxi colleges anduniversities.More than 270scientific research papers have been published,178 of which in core or source journals in China and 60in SCI journals and Medline.

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