Department of Health Management
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The Department of Health Management was established in September 2013. Currently, it has 52 faculty members with 17 senior professional titles and 33 masters and above accounting for 32.7% and 63.5% of the total number of the staff respectively. Thedepartment is composed of six teaching units. They are Health Management, Health Law, Literature, Mathematics, Computer and Computer Experimental Center. It undertakes the teaching tasks ofThe Public Affairs Management Specialty and public courses. Computer Experimental Center has three computer basic education labs, two specialized laboratories andoneCollege students' innovative design lab. Now, it offers one undergraduate program: The Public Affairs Management. It began to recruit students since 2009 and has 724 undergraduatescurrently. Our graduates mostly work in the grass-roots health administrative departments, medical institutions, prevention and health care institutions,sanitation supervisionstations, grass-roots judicial organs, legal service agencies.

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