Department of Stomatology
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   There are more than 30 full-time teachers in Stomatology Department (30% with title of a senior professional post; 90% with master's degreeor doctorate), including teaching and research offices of Oral Anatomy and Physiology, Oral Histology and Pathology, Oral Medicine, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Prosthetics and Orthodontics, and Experimental Center of Stomatology.

    Experimental Center of Stomatology establishes specialized laboratories, including foundation laboratory of stomatology, comprehensive skills training laboratory,prosthodontic technology laboratory, clinical demonstration classroom and so on, with 1,200 m2 total areas.There are more than 1000 experimental teaching equipments, such as dentistry complex therapy chair,simulation system for clinical teaching of stomatology,digitized virtual simulation training system fordentists, mechanic platform,casting machine,porcelain furnace, studwelding machine, microscopes and so on. The application of simulation system for clinical teaching provides possibility for students to practice clinical skills in campus, which cansatisfy high-standard requirement for students’ practical skills, and improve the quality of practical teaching.Stomatology Department cooperates with more than ten stomatological hospitals and stomatological departments in third-tier comprehensive hospitals, and establishes training bases, which meets the demand for clinical training and graduation practice.  

    In recent years teachers in Stomatology Department have published more than 180 papers, and finished 20 textbooks as chief editors and associate editors.

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