Professor WANG Yang
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Professor WANG Yang received his Bachelor of Medicine degree at Beijing Medical University. He gained a degree  of  Master of Medicine at University of Sydney in 2000. Then he went to the Australian National University to  perform Viral Immunology research under the supervision of  Professors Arno Mullbacher at the John Curtin School of Medical Research. He was awarded PhD degree in 2004 and subsequently carried out postdoctoral training at the Harvard University, where he continued research on the differentiation and function of cytotoxic T cells and also initiated new direction of pathogeny research including immunology and vaccination of schistosome. He was the winner of the Prized Vice-Chancellors Endowment for Excellence Award from the Australian National University in 2000, and a recipient of both CJ Martin Fellowship (ID: 316978) and Peter Doherty Fellowship (ID: 316979) from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council in 2005.


Professor  Wang is currently the leader of the Molecular Virology and Viral immunology Group, Department of Basic Medicine, Xian Medical University. His team is currently investigating the molecular mechanisms of cellular immunology, including T and natural killer cell responses, with the aim to design new strategies to modulate the immune system to treat infection and cancer. In 2016, he was selected as the Distinguished  Expert of “ Shaanxi Provincial Hundred-Talents Plan: High-Level Innovation Program.


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