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School of General Medicine

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School of General Medicine at Xi'an Medical University was established in 2016, formerly known as the Department of General Medicine, established in 2011. It is the first medical school to offer undergraduate education of general practice and vocational education in Shaanxi Province. In 2016, School of General Medicine and the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical University integrated to harness the superior resources of the First Affiliated Hospital for teaching, scientific research and management.

The School consists of 5 administrative offices, 1 clinical experimental teaching center and 8 teaching and research offices. At present, there are 4 provincial-levelkey disciplines, 5 research centers and 1 master's degree program. The school has about 200 experts who are professors, more than 100 backbone teachers, 400 doctors and masters, 2 provincial prominent educators, and 1provincial virtuous teacher, 2 national level excellent teachers. With 34 beds and 12 community teaching bases, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Medical University is the first Class A tertiary hospital to establish department of general medicine in Shaanxi Province, forming a high-quality teaching team which undertakesteaching and scientific research and integrates clinical medicine and community teaching bases.

The School has a certain influence in China in the construction of general medicine discipline, talent training and teaching system. In 2014, general medicine was rated as a key discipline in Shaanxi. Its school is among the earliest state-level standardized training base for resident doctors in general practice. In 2017, Clinical medicine (general medicine) was approved as the first-class major in Shaanxi Province; in 2019, the schoolis awarded the Excellent Inpatient Training Base for General Practice; in 2020, it is rated as Key professional base for standardized training of resident doctors and National Comprehensive Base for Standardized Training of Resident Physicians. At present, the school has 1 National Excellent Doctor Training Project; 1 provincial teaching team; 1 provincial experimental zone for talent training innovation; 1 provincial excellent resource sharing course.

The school has won the first prize and the second prize of teaching achievement in Shaanxi province and 2 teachers have had their textbooks published by People's Medical Publishing House. At present, the school is with a larger and rather complete teaching scale in general medicine in China. It has built a systematic medical talent training system, involving 3 levels and 6 types.As the cradle of training grass-roots doctors in Shaanxi Province, based on the needs of grass-roots institutions and hospitals, School of General Medicine has trained a large number of health guardians and made positive contributions to the development of “Healthy ShaanxiInitiative”.