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School of Nursing and Rehabilitation

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Xi’an Medical University began to offer nursing programs 68 years ago and gradually improved its nursing education system to cover associate courses, courses for an upgrade from associate to undergraduate, and undergraduate courses. Having independently enrolled students for a bachelor’s degree since 2006, School of Nursing now offers 3 undergraduate programs, namely nursing, rehabilitation therapy, and midwifery. The School has 2,259 students in full-time undergraduate education and 68 full-time teachers. Among the faculty, there are 6 teachers with a doctoral degree, 29 with a senior professional title, 1 conferred the title of “Shaanxi Famous Teacher” and 1 bestowed the title of “Talent in Shaanxi”. Professor Zhang Yong’ai, Director of the School, was elected to the Ministry of Education’s new Steering Committee for Higher Educational Institutions.

The School focuses on the training of talented undergraduates with “outstanding abilities in humanities and innovative application”, and enhances the development of the nursing discipline. Besides, the School has achieved remarkable progress in undergraduate education reform, and won first prizes and second prizes for fine achievements in teaching in Shaanxi many times. Many of its undergraduate education projects, including its discipline with distinctive characteristics (announced by the provincial education department), the “experimental zone for innovation in the training models for applied expertise in nursing”, the first-class discipline development project, and the “entrepreneurship & innovation school”, have been approved by relevant authorities. Its excellent team in teaching for maternal-child nursing won the Shaanxi Award for Scientific and Technological Advancement in 2018, and was included in the second list of the “Shaanxi High-Level Talent Special Support Plan” and the “Shaanxi Scholar” Innovative Team Support Plan in May 2020. For the School, on average, 99% of its graduating students in nursing have passed the annual national examination for nurses to practice in China and 95% of them have been employed.

The School attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation, and relevant activities have been conducted with universities in the USA, Korea, Japan, and the UK. The School has organized 10 sessions of the “China-Korea Credit Exchange Program” and signed a cooperation agreement with College of Nursing Science of Nursing of Kyung Hee University for the next 5 years. The School would recommend 10 superb graduates in nursing to the Graduate School of Nursing of Kyung Hee University for further studies. Such increased exchange also endows the training of world-oriented professionals in higher education of nursing with “Chinese elements, stories, and experience”.