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School of Public Health

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School of Public Health was established in 2018,based on the former Department of Public Health in 2005. After years of growth,it now has 48 faculty members and over 1000 students. Graduates in the majors of Preventive Medicine and Psychiatry have devoted themselves in many fields of the country. Many of them serve positively as the mainstay in public health and preventive medicine, health management and medical education.

The school has five teaching and research departments and an experimental center,namely Department of Epidemiology and Statistics,Department of Hygiene,Department of Mental Health,Department of Psychology,Department of Food Science and engineering, Experimental Center for Preventive Medicine.At present, the school has 48 faculty members, including 36 full-time teachers,among whom 16 are professors orassociate professors,and 9are doctors.

The School holds 1007 students. While strengthening students’professional knowledge education, it also pays attention to the cultivation of their comprehensive ability. In the past three years, students have been approved more than 10 national-level“University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects”, and have won many awards in China“Internet +”Competition,“Challenge Cup for University Students”in Shaanxi Province and many other competitions.

The school has set up 18 practice teaching bases in Shaanxi Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Xi'an Center for Disease Control and prevention, Xi'anMentalHealthCenter and other institutions, providing a broad platform for training and improving students' practical skills.

In recent years, the schoolhas beenapproved more than 50 scientific research projects at all levels, including 1National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program), 2National Natural Science Foundation of China (Youth Program), and more than 10 provincial and ministerial projects. Faculties have published more than 100 scientific research papers in domestic and foreign journals and applied for more than 10 patents.

Taking the rapid development of the school as an opportunity, the school has made great efforts to cultivate public health application-oriented talents for the society by strengthening the construction of teaching staff, building a scientific research platform and implementing the reform of teaching methods.