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School of Health Management

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School of Health Management at Xi'an Medical University was established in July 2018 ,based on the former Department of Health Management merging Department of Humanities and the Department of Public Courses in 2013. As a result,it is a multidisciplinary school with public service management and labor security as its main majors. The Schoolo offers three majors: health information management, health law, labor and social security.It enjoys an experimental center and six teaching and research offices in computer, literature, law, health management, labor and social security, and mathematics.It also has three administrative departments: party and government office, teaching office and student affairs office.

Since the School gained its current name, it has gradually formed a school-level standard in teaching and research, discipline construction, and management services.The School has a strong team of teachers with lecturers and professors as the backbone.Associate professors of the school account for more than 60%. In recent years, many teachersare sent to pursue doctorate , and many others are sent to well-known universities and institutions as visiting scholars. The faculty of the schoolis with high academic qualifications and high professional titles.

The School spares no effort to standardize the teaching process,constantly improve the teachers’ teaching capabilities through outstanding teachers' open classes. The evaluation system is fair and equitable. The supervision system ensures the overall teaching quality. The school teachers have won many awards in provincial-level teaching competitions. The schoolis actively expanding the practice teaching base, and cooperating with hospitals, courts, public institutions and other institutions to train management students.

In terms of scientific research, all teachers are always encouraged to actively participate in scientific research activities. The School provides support to teachers in strengthening interdisciplinary exchanges. Therefore,remarkable results have been made. In the past five years, it has obtained 2 projects funded by National Social Science Foundation, 1 project approved funded by the Natural Science Foundation,and more than 20 provincial, ministerial, and departmental scientific research projects; published more than 20 SCI and EI articles, and more than 100 core journal papers. More than ten patents have been applied for. In order to improve the scientific research level of teachers, many experts from inside and outside of the university are invited to hold academic lectures to exchange academic frontiers and scientific research progress. At the same time, many teachers gave speeches and reports at academic conferences at home and abroad, enhancing the visibility of the school and university.

In terms of discipline construction, the School’s social medicine and health management has been approved as a key school-level supporting discipline, with medical education and health information as the discipline development direction, focusing on the research of medical talent training and health information development in primary health care institutions.

In terms of management services, theSchool’s party and government office is responsible,resulting in impressive party building. The Student Affairs Office shows great concern for the students,and is highly recognized by them and their parents. The Teaching and Research Office continuously improves the teaching management process, optimizes the process of scientific research, and improves the level of thesis defense, ensuring the orderly operation of the teaching and scientific research.