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Affiliated No.3 Hospital

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The Third Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical University is located at No. 277, Youyi West Road, Beilin District, Xi’an. It’s founded in 1953 and transferred to the Third Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical University in December 2019. After 67 years of development, it has become a comprehensive middle first-class hospital, integrating the functions of medical treatment, education, scientific research, preventive health care and community medical services.

In 1996, the hospital was awarded the " middle first-class hospital " and "Baby-Friendly Hospital" by the Ministry of Health. The hospital is a designated medical institution of Congenital Structural Deformation Rescue Project by National Health and Family Planning Commission (“NHFPC”). It is a designated site for urban and rural residents to enjoy provincial or municipal medical insurance; a designated site for staff members to enjoy provincial or municipal medical insurance a designated hospital for people to enjoy ; commercial insurance; a designated hospital entrusted by Xi'an Disabled Persons’ Federation to offer precise rehabilitation assessment and services for the disabled; a designated hospital to offer real time settlement of medical insurance for urban and rural residents across provinces; a "Standardized Cancer Treatment Demonstration Ward" hospital by Shaanxi Provincial Health Commission; the leading hospital to promote the establishment of regional medical consortium in Shaanxi Province; a "Veterans Health Service Model Hospital at Shaanxi Province " by Provincial Department of Veterans Affairs; the first batch of health model hospital by Xi'an Municipal Health Commission; the Mental Health Guidance Center of Beilin District. The hospital undertakes the clinical practice teaching tasks of Xi'an Medical University and other institutions.

The hospital has 42 clinical departments and medical laboratories, 17 clinical nursing units. There are chest pain center, stroke center, dizziness diagnosis and treatment center. The dominant disciplines include minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopic surgery), blood purification room, psychiatric department, pediatric orthopedics, rehabilitation medicine, digestive disease, oncology, neurology, respiratory medicine, cardiovascular medicine, allergy, etc.