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Affiliated Baoji Hospital

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July 1977 witnessed the opening of the Affiliated Baoji Hospital of Xi 'an Medical University. After more than 40 years of development, the Affiliated Baoji Hospital of Xi 'an Medical University has now become a grade-3 comprehensive teaching hospital integrating medicine, teaching and research.At the same time, it is also the cooperative hospital of the Affiliated Hospital of Lingnan University, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, the Affiliated Hospital of Xi 'an Jiaotong University, Xi 'an Honghui Hospital, Xi 'an Institute of Rheumatology and other hospitals.

The hospital covers a total area of 49688.9m2, with a total construction area of 108125m2.The hospital was to provide 685 beds but 800 beds are actually offered. It has two branches:Baoguang Hospital and Jiangtan Hospital.There are 36 clinical and medical technology departments and 6 teaching and research departments. At present, the hospital has more than 300 professional and technical personnel with medium or senior titles, more than 60 staff with doctoral and master degrees, and more than 200 double-professionally-titled teachers are professors, associate professors and lecturers. It is equipped with more than 280 sets of large and medium-sized equipment such as the world's advanced imported 1.5T magnetic resonance, 64-slice 128-slice spiral CT, DSA, linear accelerator, rear-mounted therapeutic machine, electronic laparoscopy, arthroscopy, ureteroscopy, percutaneous nephroscopy and so on.

The hospital's key specialties (disciplines) are distinctive.The hospital took the lead in setting up oncology department, hospice care ward, urology department, hand and foot surgery, and weight loss and metabolism surgery in Baoji city.It took the lead in carrying out CT, magnetic resonance examination, tumor radiotherapy, laparoscopic surgery, amputated limb (finger) replantation, hemodialysis, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, rheumatic comprehensive treatment, heart and peripheral intervention therapy, artificial femoral head replacement and other advanced diagnosis and treatment technologies in Baoji. The hospital has comprehensively carried out all kinds of endoscopic minimally invasive surgery and examination, such as thoracic surgery, general surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, spine, bone and joint surgery, exosperm surgery, digestion, gynecology and so on. It has formed a comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment center with comprehensive treatment means and strong technical strength, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeting, interventional and traditional Chinese medicine treatment.The hospital has completed the first "multi-plane super-long duration amputated palm replantation operation" in China. The Department of Cardiovascular Medicine is the preparation unit of the National Cardiogenic Stroke Prevention and Treatment Base and Syncope Unit. The department of rehabilitation medicine is the "provincial pilot unit of Chinese medicine health service".

The hospital is the only one in Baoji that provides continuing education for adults with higher degrees. Currently, there are more than 400 students in the hospital, such as interns and assistant general practitioners. More than 50 research projects at all levels have been approved, including 4 provincial-level research projects, 22 municipal research projects, 4 university-level research projects and over 20 university-level research projects. Baoji City Natural Science Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 11; More than 200 papers have been published, including 8 SCI papers, 1 CSCD papers, 54 core journals, and 1 monograph. Ten utility model patents have been approved. Experts of the hospital serve in a number of provincial-level and municipal-level academic organizations.

Now the hospital is strengthening its self-construction with the construction of tumor specialties at the core,to realize the coordinated development of medicine, teaching and research.