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Affiliated Hanjiang Hospital

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Hanjiang Hospital, affiliated to Xi 'an Medical University, is a grade-3class-A comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, prevention and health care, teaching, scientific research and training.

The hospital covers an area of 24,000 square meters, with a floor area of 29,000 square meters. There are 26 clinical and medical technology departments and ward, and 18 administrative functional departments. The hospital has beautiful environment, reasonable layout and convenient transportation.It has the 1.5 T magnetic resonance (NMR), 50 kw high-frequency X-ray machine, a new generation of super premium platform low radiation 16 row CT machine, the south Korean oral CT, molybdenum target X-ray machine (special mammary gland disease inspection), philips HD - 15 high-end four dimensional colour to exceed, automatic biochemical analyzer, Olympus electronic gastroscopy, colonoscopy, Germany Wolf brand of laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and vaporization of prostate electricity cut mirror system and a number of domestic and international advanced medical equipment, providing strong support for the clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Now there are 232 professional and technical personnel at the hospital, among whom 80 are professors and lecturers. Experts from Xijing Hospital, Tangdu Hospital, the First and Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi 'an Jiaotong University and other well-known hospitals have been appointed as special professors and visiting professors of the hospital.A well-structured team of professionals has been formed.The Department of Orthopedics and Pediatrics is a municipal key clinical specialty, and the Department of General Surgery is a key discipline funded by Xi 'an Medical UniversityThe new technologies and projects, such as foraminal diagnosis and treatment, arthroscopic diagnosis and treatment, fundus angiography, and oral implantation, are welcomed by the majority of patients with good clinical effects and less pain.

The hospital will give full play to its advantages from the construction of professional and technical personnel, discipline construction, teaching and scientific research and other aspects to constantly improve the medical level and service quality.