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XMU Students Participate in International Online Courses

date:2021-09-10 view:

To better provide students with best-possible educational resources during the times of COVID-19, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange presented XMU students with USAR virtue summer courses and Dundee-XMU Dental courses. 76 students took course in various directions.

Students in Dundee-XMU dental program were led by experienced dental professors from Dundee University and studied on patient communication, evidence-based medicine and community-based research. Many students gave positive feedback.

USAR virtue summer courses program was organized by Silk Road University Alliance members and UNESCO, students took part in sessions as“Frontiers in Medicine”,“Innovation in Italian Way”, etc. Language proficiency and professional expertise have both been improved , as students claimed.

On-line programs are to be explored and organized by Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, to help students in XMU learn from an international perspective.