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"Clown Doctor" Appears in Clinic Rooms and Turns Happiness into a Good Cure

date:2021-06-11 view:

"Mom, look, doctor and a clown!" Recently, in the outpatient hall of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Medical University, accompanied by the background music , a group of clown doctors, wearing colorful suits and other headgear, walked into the waiting rooms and consulting rooms of obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, and pain departments, and sent different New Year gifts and blessings to patients .

In the pediatric infusion room, a clown doctor plays games with a crying child who has just had an injection. Exaggerated expression, funny moves, really made children happy. The clown doctor holds the balloon in his hand and twists it into the shape of a dog or a flower. "Clown Doctor, I like you." "Next time I have an injection, can I have you with me? I promise not to cry. "

The key of the clown doctor is to cultivate a kind of thinking, which requires us to recall and release innocence and curiosity, and observe the world from a simple and pure perspective. This kind of work is of special significance, and we are looking forward to more colleagues joining us. "said Fu Huiling, head of the 2nd Outpatient Dept.