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Overview of Scientific Research at XMU

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Over the last five years,XMU earnestly implements scientific research as a key position and the strategy of developing through scientific research, improve the level of scientific research as a long-term strategic task on the important agenda. By cultivating talent team construction, and continually establish and improve the scientific research management as well as incentive mechanism,we've seen a sharp rise in the enthusiasm of research among teachers ,and a promotion the scientific research XMU to a higher level.

--Research projects levels reached a new high.

The number of scientific research projects of XMU has increased annually by actively strengthening scientific research incubation and broadening the application channels. Up to now, a total of 3,203 scientific research projects of various levels have been set up, including 69 national-level projects and more than 360 provincial and ministerial projects. The total amount of scientific research funds has increased significantly. Scientific research projects reached a new high in 2020, and 198 projects were approved, including 59 projects at the provincial or ministerial level and above, and 54 projects at the department or bureau level.

-- Repeated breakthroughs have been made in scientific research.

The faculty and staff of our school have published nearly 4,000 scientific research papers, among which more than 400 papers have been indexed by SCI, EI, CPCI and other high-level indexes. On this basis,XMU has obtained many scientific and technological achievements, including 5 Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Awards, 4 Shaanxi Provincial Natural Science Excellent Academic Paper Awards, 17 Shaanxi University Science and Technology Awards, 2 Shaanxi University Humanities and Social Science Research Outstanding Achievement Award, 2 Xi 'an Science and Technology Progress Award,3Shaanxi Science and Technology Workers Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition gold medals , 5 silver medals, 9 bronze awards.

--Gathering of talents, and breakthrough in the construction of teams.

XMUis vigorously introducing high-level talents, "introduction, education" and focus on training scientific and technological innovation talents and scientific and technological innovation team. In 2021, a new breakthrough was made in the construction of science and technology team. The "Central Nervous System Disease Mechanism and Prevention Innovation Team" of our school was selected as Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Team. At present, there are 1 provincial science and technology innovation team, 4 youth innovation teams of universities and colleges in Shaanxi Province, and more than 20 person-times of scientific and technological talents of various levels, such as National Millions of Talents, Young and Middle-aged Science and Technology Leading Talents of Shaanxi Province, Young Science and Technology New Star of Shaanxi Province.

-- Steady progress on construction of laboratory platforms.

The Party Committee attaches great importance to the construction of laboratories and scientific research bases to create a good atmosphere for the vigorous development of scientific research. At present, our university has 1 Shaanxi Engineering Research Center for Prevention and Treatment of Respiratory Diseases, 1 Key Laboratory of Ischemic Cardiovascular Disease in Shaanxi Province, 1 Key Laboratory of Brain Disease Prevention and Treatment in Shaanxi Province, 1 Second Batch of Popular Science Base in Shaanxi Province, 1 Popular Science Education Base in Shaanxi Province, 1 Philosophy and Social Base in Shaanxi Province (colleges and universities), 6 Branch Centers of Clinical Medicine in Shaanxi Province, 1 Xi 'an Academician Workstation, 1 Xi 'an Key Laboratory, 13 Xi'an International Science and Technology Cooperation Base and University-level Research Institutes (centers).

-- Strong academic atmosphere.

The university actively organize all kinds of academic exchanges, inviting experts to do academic lectures, at the same time, go outand carry out foreign academic exchanges, promote the cooperation between university. Every year, more than 100 academic lectures are held, and many famous experts from home and abroad in various disciplines such as Liu Depei and Chen Zhinan are invited to give lectures, creating a good academic atmosphere.