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Institute of Basic and Translational Medicine

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Institute of Basic and Translational Medicine was established in October 2012, mainly engaged in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular and brain diseases, and the related research of translational medicine. Nowadays, the Institute possesses two provincial key laboratories including "Shaanxi key Laboratory of Ischemic Cardiovascular Diseases", "Shaanxi key Laboratory of Brain Disease ", Academician Workstation and Xi'an International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Target Biomedicines. At present, the Institute has two Youth Innovation Teams of Shaanxi Universities, namely the Innovative Research Team on the Mechanism and Prevention and Treatment of Major Brain Diseases in Shaanxi Province, and Basic and Clinical Transformation Research Team on Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease.

Since then,the institute has actively cooperated with internationally renowned universities. In May 2013, we engaged Professor Lars Edvinsson from Lund University in Sweden as a visiting professor, and signed an agreement on scientific research cooperation and talent training with Lund University in Sweden. In December 2013, Professor Xingchun Gou, Director of the Institute, went to Yale University as a visiting scholar in neurosurgery and established a long-term cooperative relationship with Professor Zhou Jiangbing, the head of the nanomedical laboratory of Yale university. Meanwhile, the Institute successively sent five researchers to study in the nanomedical laboratory. In January 2015, Professor Zhou Jiagnbing was employed as a visiting professor of Xi'an Medical University.

The institute has 31 full-time scientific research teachers, including two second-class professors, one provincial " Hundred Talent Program ", one national excellent innovation and entrepreneurship tutor, oneyouth Science and technology innovation leader of Shaanxi province, and one youth outstanding talent of Shaanxi Universities. there are two high-level introduced talents and three revitalized talents of university level.

After 8 years of rapid development, the Institute has received nearly 10 million yuan from various scientific research projects, including 13 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, among them 4 general projects and 1 joint fund. More than 60 SCI papers have been published in recent 5 years, with the highest impact factor of 25.807. It has obtained 10 invention patents and helped to train 6 postdoctoral and 6 doctoral students.