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Institute of General Medicine

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Established in 2015,institute of General Medical Sciencein Xi’an Medical University is a professional research institute affiliated to Xi'an Medical University(XMU).The institute has 1 director, 2 deputy directors and several researchers designated.

By following the development planning of the university and relying on numerous advantages of the university, attached affiliated hospitals, schools of continuing education and community health centers, etc. in various fields such as general practice education and teaching, vocational training, and discipline construction of general medical services and management, the institute since its establishment specializes in the research and technology development of general practice education and teaching, medical practice and management science; at the same time, we actively strengthen academic exchanges in the field of general practice at home and abroad. In the future, we will focus on general medical education and teaching, research on medical practice and medical management science, and technology development, etc.

We actively participate in the teaching of general practice in our university. We have participated in and published more than 30 papers including 6 SCI papers and core journal papers; presided over and participated in more than 10 subjects at all levels; edited and participated in the compilation of more than 10 general medicine textbooks; participated in the compilation and translation of several works; and had 2 invention patents and utility model patents. Over the years, we have actively participated in the annual meeting of general practice at home and abroad, organized and co organized many academic conferences and forums of general practice, and actively strengthened academic exchanges with various societies and universities. We have accomplished several collaborative researches on general practice with the Department of Family Medicine (Dartmouth College), American Academy of Family Physicians, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. we will conduct international academic exchanges and cooperation withDepartment of General Practice (University of Cambridge) and Royal College of General Practitioners.By attending the 2018 WONCA World Congress in Seoul, South Korea, and the 2019 WONCA Asia Pacific Annual Conference in Kyoto, Japan, we made speeches at the conference and exchanged with wall newspapers, which improved our reputation and influence in the industry, laid a good foundation for the cooperation between the Institute of general practice of Xi'an Medical University and the international general practice, and will be able to make progress in the future Strengthen the deep cooperation and exchange in the field of general practice.