Satisfactory Results Gained in Overseas Recruitment
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  Secretary Fan Bing and Personnel Department Director Xu Xi, coming along with Shaanxi Colleges Talent Recruiting Team, arrived at the United States on March 17. Over the next 8 days, 4 recruitment fairs were held in Boston, New York, Washington and San Francisco. The recruitment result exceeded our expectations. Quite a number of high-level talents made inquiries about the job vacancies we offer. In the end, there were 18 showed an intention to work here, among whom Professor Wanli Smith, Postdoctoral scholar Yu Shoukai, Zhao Li and Sun Xiaoming signed formal employment intention agreements.

  A local Chinese media ARCTIC interviewed Secretary Fan Bing in one job fair, publicized the University and our recruitment intention for high-level talents with overseas educational background. In San Francisco, Secretary Fan Bing and Director Xu Xi visited the leader of Students’ Federation of University of California, San Francisco. The two sides held friendly talks and reached agreement on personnel recommendation, communication and cooperation. Secretary Fan Bing presented gift to the federation leader. 

  This overseas recruitment campaign showed good results in widening channels for personnel recruitment,as well as promoting talents team construction, disciplinary construction and gained certain visibility for the University.


  Secretary Fan Bing was talking with applicants at the recruitment site ofMIT


  Secretary Fan Bing was together with applicants at the recruitment site


  Secretary Fan Bing was communicating with Kenneth Rudd, MD, Emergency Department Director of Dartmouth Hitchcock Family Medicine at Boston


  Secretary Fan Bing was interviewed by a local Chinese media ARCTICS at New York


  Secretary Fan Bing and Professor Wanli Smith from Medical School of Johns Hopkins University were signing the formal employment intention agreement.

                                          ( Edited and translated by Liu Manling, Coveragist :Xie Wangling,GuoTing)

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