Dr. Marisela Morales of National Institutes of Health in U.S.A Visits XMU
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  On October 31st, Dr. Marisela Morales, NIDA IRP scientistfrom National Institutes of Health (NIH) in U.S.Awas invited to pay a visit to Xi’an Medical University(XMU)for academic exchanges including giving a special academic report.

  In the morning, Dr. Marisela held a conversation withPresident of Xi’an Medical University Yang Fan, VicePresident of XMU Li Xueping and Professor Xu Cangbao from Institute of Basic Translational Medicine atthefirst conference room in XMU administration building. During their talk, President Yang Fan introducedthegeneral information of XMU to Marisela and expected that frequent contacts could enhance the cooperation and friendship between two sides.

  Dr. Marisela introduced basic organizations of NIH, her research field and current findings. At the same time, after learning our current efforts to promote postgraduate education, she was willing to offer help to promote the cooperation on the student and teacher training and strongly welcomed our visit. Then Dr. Marisela was conferred XMU distinguished professorship by President Yang.



· President Yang Fan is granting the letter of appointment to

  Dr. Marisela Morales

                                                             ( Edited and translated by  Liu Manling, Coveragist GruoTing)

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