Cooperation Agreement on International Education
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  To further enhancethe educational internationalization of Xi’an Medical University (XMU) and promote the real-sense cooperation with universities in the United States,  XMU President Yang Fan led a delegation to the American universities and research institutes on April 27th to 29th, and signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Educational Cooperation with Harding University, which signifies that XMU will officially launch the cooperative education model. The students in English Department will have the opportunity to participate in the Five-year Program "3+1+1". When meeting the corresponding requirements, they will receive the Graduation Certificate and Degree Certificate from both Xi'an MedicalUniversity and HardingUniversity respectively. 

  According to the MOU, the four-year undergraduates of English Department have to complete the three-year related professional courses in Xi'an MedicalUniversity. From the fourth school year (the first year in the US), they will be studying at Harding University, after which, they will be granted the Graduation Certificate and Bachelor Degree from Xi'an Medical University when they meet the graduation standards. Bachelor degree students with IELTS 6.0 are entitled to be enrolled in the One-year Postgraduate Program in Harding University , if reaching the graduation requirements, they will be awarded Master Degree and Graduation Certificate by Harding University.

  Being a well-known private university in the south of the United States, Harding University has a history of nearly a century and has its own international campuses in seven countries around the world, among which, the American Campus alone holds about seven thousand students from the United States and from53 othercountries and regions in the world.

  During his visit to the United States, President Yang Fan also paid an official visit to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Johns Hopkins University, where he had a conversation with Timothy H Moran, the dean of Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and Wanli Smith, Director of Nerve Cell Biology Laboratory, on the collaboration inteachers' training and academic researches and recruitment of high-level personnel.

  Raymond Wildon, dean of School of Education at Harding University, together with his two colleagues,visited XMU on July 4th, 2016. The two sides exchanged views on the joint training program. This year’s successful visit to the United States by President Yang has promoted the exchanges between XMU and American universities, ushering in a new chapter for developing our international education strategy.The signing of the agreement will accelerate the cooperation and exchanges between XMU and American universities, thusimproving the educational internationalization.


President of XMU Yang Fan met with James Carr,President of Harding University and Signed theCooperation Agreement 

                                                       ( Edited and tranlated by Mao Jing, Coveragist Guo Ting)

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