Institute of Basic Medical Sciences
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  Institute of Basic Medical Sciences (IBMS) belongs to the Department of Basic Medical Sciences of Xi’an Medical University. It  supports all scientific researches doing by the staff and undertakes the implementation of all projects that are in charging by the staff of Xi’an Medical University. IBMS has 10 full-time professionals for research service, including 1 professor, 1 associate professor, and 8 research assistants.

  The areas of laboratory in IBMS is 1500 m2, and there are 266 apparatuses with total values of RMB 18 millions yuan. The apparatuses are fully functional. Apparatuses are mainly confocal microscope, flow cytometry, image analysis system, nucleotide and protein isolation and analysis system, electrophysiological recording system, metabolic measurement system, cell culture system and animal feeding system. The apparatuses can be used to do experimental study in many aspects including cell biology, molecular biology, morphology, pharmacology and animal function study. IBMS has the capacity to carry out most of the researches about life sciences and medical research.

  Now, IBMS undertakes the research of more than 30 projects that supported by the funding from National Scientific Funding Committee and fromShaanxi Province, providing strong support to the scientific study of Xi’an Medical University.



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