Introduction of the institute
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  The Institute of Basic and Translational Medicine of Xi’an Medical University is founded as an independent department inOctober 2012 andProfessor Cang-Bao Xu who is an Expert of Shaanxi Province 100 Talents Plan for high-level innovationis appointed as the Director. The Institute is developing rapidly, and today has more than 20 full-time researchers, of which 14 have Ph.D. degree, 6 are Professor including 4 Supervisors for Ph.D. students.  Meanwhile, there are over 30 part-time researchers and 7postdocs who are working in the institute.The research fields include molecular pathophysiology, molecular pharmacology, molecular biology, medical chemistry,pharmaceutical development and clinical medicine.The lab spaces are over 1100 square meter with equipping, more than 15 million RMB instruments, animal facility and specialized equipments like myograph and so on.

  In order to further lift the research to the state level, the Institute of Basic and Translational Medicine has collaborated withSchool of Life Science, Northwest University;School of Life Science, Northwestern Polytechnical University andAnimal Experiment Center of Xi’an Jiaotong University Health Science Center. With these collaborations, inAugust 12th 2014, Shaanxi Department of Science and Technology approved the application for Shaanxi Key Lab of Ischemic Cardiovascular Disease.The Director isProf. Cang-Bao Xu.TheChairman of Academic committee is Prof. Wei He, who is Deputy Secretary of theChinese People's Political Consultative Conference. De-Pei Liu, anacademician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering is one of members in Academic Committee for the key lab.Team members include:Experts of Shaanxi Province 100 Talents Plan for high-level innovative Prof. Cang-Bao Xu and Prof. Yang Wang, Supervisors for Ph.D. Students, AdjunctProfessorEn-Qi Liu and Da-Chuan Yin, as well as Guest Professor Lars Edvinsson,Prof. Xing-Chun Gou, Prof. Jun Yu and Associate Prof. Hui-Ling Cao who is amember of Young HighLevelTalent of Xi’an Medical University,etc. 

  Recent 5 years, the institute has published about 40 papers on academic journals, which included 26 SCI papers.And, the team totally obtained 32 research funds of over 6 million RMB in total from various sources including 10 of them at national level.

  There are 6 research areas in the institute.

  1. The molecular mechanisms ofvasospasm and novelstrategies for the treatment PI: Professor Cang-BaoXu.

  2. The structures and functions of key signaling proteins in cardiovascular disease. PI:  Associate Professor Hui-Ling Cao.

  3. Applicationofgenemodifiedanimal modelfor studyingischemic cardiovascular disease. PI: Professor En-Qi Liu

  4. Natriuretic peptides and cardiovascular remodeling. PI: Professor Jun Yu.

  5. Theimmunologic mechanism ofcardiovascular disease. PI: Professor Yang Wang.

  6. Cerebral ischemia,nerve regeneration and repair. PI: Professor Xing-Chun Gou.

  Based on translational medicine of ischemic cardiovascular disease isthe cross discipline, the combination of basic and clinical to"innovative,novelknowledge andtechnology" isimportant toachieve the institute goals. The institute is aiming to provide a high level research platform with gathering high quality research team nationally and internationally, and to help research breakthroughs transform into clinicaltherapeutic methods and drugs.All of those effects willactually contribute to establish a new medical university named Northwestern Medical University, benefit of people’s health and national economic development.

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